About Us

RIGHT ON TRACK is a privately owned and independent OTR Tyre Consultation & Services company based in India.  

It offers RIGHT-Care & Support value added programs for mining customers. We do not sell tyres or work for any particular brand of tyre but rather support our customer to get maximum out of his tyres and make unbiased recommendations based on suitability & merits of tyres.

“Tyre” is a basic component of the increasingly technology dependent mining / trucking industry. Many operators do not think much about their tyre’s level of complexity or the importance of the proper maintenance needed to maximize the life of this expensive necessity. The operators does not have necessarily expertise, knowledge or time available to manage his tyre investment professionally and cost effectively.  

Currently, the tyre industry is now more technically driven and it is becoming difficult to differentiate products of different brands when it comes to quality & performance. The only way to differentiate is on the basis of pricing & overall running cost of the tyre. Improper follow up of tyres gives wrong results about tyre performance which further confuse while taking the decision while buying the tyre.


With vast experience and exposure in OTR Tyre Field Engineering, Customer Service, Product Support & Product Research & Development in Indian & overseas leading mines, we become a role function of Care & Support to end users of OTR tyres to bring them back RIGHT ON TRACK. The services & support with necessary technical expertise and experience in the field will allow fleet operators to focus on their core business aspects.

RIGHT ON TRACK is a professional service provider company with main focus on a creative & innovative service offering to the mining industry. With basic fundamental of “RCM” Reliability Centered Maintenance, study of different application aspects and for close performance tracking of tyres, we developed Tyre Maintenance, Application & Performance Tracking (TMAPT) Software for customers. It is the key software component that interlinks all of the data captured for tyre performance throughout its lifespan, Tyre/Vehicle maintenance, application & on site risk analysis. This software dynamic analysis features instantly calculates and measures tyre performance into customized graphical reports or dashboards which are visible to customer’s computer from any where. It provides key performance indicators constantly monitored and also provides budget, stock & inventory projections. This helps in taking decision well in time and correct decision.

  We also developed an OTR Tyre Safety & Risk Assessment (TSRA) Software for monitoring the practices of tyre related safety issues which is also our first priority to work on it with customer.  

It is not a short term solution to control cost but a long term project where the true benefits will take time to materialize. It offers lot of benefits for the end user and it relieves HEMM maintenance deptt. from many of the additional responsibilities attached to the core business and allow him to concentrate solely on his primary business.