We also provide audit based consulting services to our mining customers. We are available to advise clients on all tyre-related issues, from tyre lifespan to maintenance processes, its application and other performance related factors. The issues on which customer can take our consultation & audits can be done for :

1. Tyre premature failure related issues, failure causes & mechanism, how to avoid such failure.

2. Tyre claim related issues, claim inspection & guidance on warranty settlement.

3. Guidance to customer on tyre selection based on his usage requirement.

4. Consultation on mine site risk analysis, tyre / vehicle maintenance, haul road design & maintenance.

5. Consultation to OEM/OED’s on tyre selection of the most appropriate tyre specifications for their machines for a particular mine site or customer.

6. Consultation on tyre purchase decision making.

7. Consultation on load & haulage assessment, TKPH and weight assessment (relevant to assess tyre heat generation).

8. Consultation on inflation pressure recommendations.

9. One time audit & consultation for overall current scenario of tyre suitability, its apppcation, maintenance practices, nature of failures, mine site study with recommendation on scope of any improvement in tyre performance.

These consultations/audits are forwarded to site management with suggestions that assist in lowering tyre-related expenditure. Reduce your overheads through proper identification of problems & problem solutions. For consultation with OTR tyre experts, contact RIGHT ON TRACK.