RIGHTTRAINING is an integral part of our company’s value component. It ensures the correct know how and training is applied for everyone involved with the use and implementation of our services. This includes training On-site programs, custom built training modules for all levels of officials of end user. OTR Training modules are designed around practical applications for OTR Tyre users, so operators can maximize performance. Most of the training material is derived from Tyre design fundamentals, Tyre Field Engineering, practical knowledge & experience based.

Different RIGHTTRAINING Modules are :

RT Module - 1 -Tyre Basics & General know how of OTR tyres
RT Module - 1- Mine & Tyre Safety

RT Module – 2 -OTR Tyre Field Engineering

RT Module - 3 -Factors affecting OTR tyre life & Tyre life improvement

RT Module - 4 -Tyre & Vehicle Maintenance Practices

RT Module - 5 -OTR Tyre Mounting / Demounting

RT Module - 6 -OTR Tyre Failure Analysis & Guide

RT Module - 7 -OTR Tyre Maintenance, Application & Performance Tracking (TMAPT) Software application training
RT Module - 7-OTR Tyre Safety & Risk Assessment (TSRA) Software application training.


RIGHTTRAK is the key software component that interlinks all of the data captured on Tyre Performance tracking, maintenance & application on site for tyre throughout its lifespan thus it names TMAPT Software. This software is designed on core principles of “ Reliability Centered Maintenance” (RCM) which is the better suitable maintenance practices for tyre. It states “A process used to determine what must be done to ensure that any physical asset continues to do what its users wanted it to do in its present operating context” – John Moubray. It also covers Tyre/Vehicle application part to interlink all aspects with tyre Key Performance parameters. This software dynamic analysis features instantly calculates and measures tyre performance into customized graphical reports or dashboards which are visible to any computer. It provides key performance indicators constantly monitored and also provides budget, stock & inventory projections. This helps in taking decision well in time and correct decision. This is best field communication tool between field and senior management. It changes the way, presently, they are able to view, control and manage their most expensive asset i.e. tyre.

Data Collection : Right from point of entrance of tyre in warehouse, data collection & tracking starts. It covers new tyre inspection, rim Inspection, tyre mounting/demounting inspection, tyre first fitment, regular checks on tyre usage stage, tyre inflation pressure, tyre condition status, tyre removal reason, tyre repair status, tyre spare status, re-tread tyre status & data recording till end of tyre life (scrapped). This software also helps in noting down time of vehicle due to tyre related issues. This helps in close monitoring of Tyre Pressure and correction if any on time preventing any catastrophic failure. Tyre condition status also helps in projecting tyre life in advance & planning for future procurement requirement. It also does mine site risk analysis & other application related tools which relates with tyre performance.

  Reporting : Regular measurement and service alerts gives you prompt reporting to ensure current and accurate data for every tyre in customer fleet. Select from many data collected on regular basis, it allows to generate many reports mainly : Tyre history : Tyre’s life in different wheel position, wear rate, cause of failure, no. of repairs etc. Cost per hour of individual tyre and overall average CPH. Stock status and future projections. Service alerts and warnings. History of proactive action and correction for optimizing the tyre life. Type of Damages and reasons for end of tyre life. Spare tyre stock status. Repair & Re-tread cost and overall impact on CPH. Indicator of improvements due to service and maintenance activities. Overall it allows for both an overview of total results or detailed study of individual products and covers running tyres as well as scrap. If your data is right, your decision is right. Relevant analysis lets you make informed conclusion regarding a whole range of KPI’s – costs, budgets, projections, operational efficiency and inventory.


RIGHTSERVICE is a set of assessment activities on site to manage site risk & other tyre/vehicle application for tyres. Mine site risk analysis directly links tyre performance to real running conditions and calculates the value of optional choices. Site evaluation measures the influence of your site profile on product performance and predicts how future changes may impact tyre life.

The TMAPT software will also measure & shows the mine site risk analysis from time to time and it also study load and cycle study which helps in generating the picture of usage trends as the site changes providing you with a valuable tool to understand changing costs.  

GPS Tools study of cycle distance, driving speed & habits, cycle speed, TKPH calculations, haul road gradients, undulation etc. can also be carried out from time to time on random basis.  

TPMS – Tyre pressure monitoring system : If customer interested can be installed on their tyres for real time measurement of tyre pressure & temperature and warning alerts for low & high pressure.  

PLM/VIMS – If customer helps in getting PLM/VIMS data from truck software, can help in analysing the payload trend, TKPH calculations.  

Heat Study – If customer needs, can also conduct heat study for their tyres.


RIGHTTOOLS is one stop shop for the crucially needed components to support OTR tyres, rims and maintenance programs. It brings the basic range of hardware, consumables, tools for operational efficiency.    

Repair : Can guide on repair of tyres from a proven source. If high demand for repair in your site, can look for setting up repair facility depending on its feasibility.   

Tools/Consumables : Will keep in stock basic consumables spare parts and accessories.   

Calibration of Pressure Gauges : Will do from time to time calibration of pressure gauges.